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Material conveying system

Brief Intro:

Material conveying system provides unified management of material remote quantitative transportation for various plastic processing production lines, and realizes automatic processing of switching and cleaning of conveying pipelines. From the arrival of the plant to the final product, the user can view via central control system in real time.

System Principle:

Material conveying system provides long-distance quantitative conveying of materials with unified management for all kinds of plastic processing production lines, and realizes automatic processing for switching and cleaning of conveying pipelines. During the whole period of material arrival from the factory to the final product, users can control it in real time through the central control system.

Production process and quality control of plastic products such as plastic pipes and films.

  1.   Long distance and high occasions are available;.

  2.   The entire conveying system is fully sealed;

  3.   Key parts are imported,  stable and reliable;

  4.   Low noise, low energy consumption, low labor consumption;

  5.   High degree of automation, effectively enhance the company's image;

  6.   Multi-component, multi-machine material concentration and long-distance transportation;

  7.   With centralized automatic dust removal device, it can effectively prevent pipeline blockage.

Parameter Table:


Output (kg/hr)

Size (mm)


Up to 500

1200*700*2000 *1


Up to 900

1200*700*2000 *1


Up to 1500

1300*8200*2000 *1


Up to 2000

1750*1200*1500 *2


Up to 3000

1900*1400*1600 *2


Up to 5000

2200*1500*1600 *2

ACE means having automatic dust removal device.

*1 Conveying by fan;

*2 vacuum pump and external auto-clean device.

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